How to cope with last minute flight changes during foggy weather

How to cope with last minute flight changes during foggy weather

Most of the time, airlines would immediately cancel or delay flights when there is foggy weather. This is because the visibility for the pilots will be bad and taking off or landing can be dangerous.

However, there are ways that you can cope with these last-minute flight changes during foggy weather. Here are a few:

Call whoever you need to call

If there is a sudden cancellation or delay of your flight because the weather is bad, then you should inform whoever is waiting for you on your destination. You may have reservations at a hotel that may be forfeited if you don’t inform them. Or, you could have a work colleague awaiting you for a certain meeting. If there really is no other way for you to get to where you need to be at the time that was scheduled, then it is best to let others know.

Check the timeframe and try to rebook

When your flight does get delayed, it is best that you know exactly how long you will have to wait. This is so you can decide whether you would want to refund your ticket and cancel the flight altogether or simply wait it out and maybe ask for payments for your damage.

If there is foggy weather at the airport you are in that caused your plane to be grounded, then there may still be alternatives for you to fly. If you happen to have an airport nearby, check to see if they have the same situation as the airport you are currently in. If they are not, then your airline will be able to rebook you to another flight if they also have flights in that other airport.

Check on accommodations

If your flight happens to get delayed for more than a few hours or even overnight, then you should be entitled to some freebies. The airlines will be able to provide you with food vouchers so that you will be able to eat and relax a bit while you wait for the weather to clear out. For overnight delays, the airlines will provide you with accommodations to a nearby hotel. Here, you can rest and unwind while you wait for your flight to go through.

Make some friends

If your flight is delayed, you are likely not the only one stuck in the airport for the next few hours. You can easily spend this time trying to get to know the people on your flight and possibly make a new friend. Delays can be stressful and frustrating, and waiting does not make things any better. But if you try chatting with your fellow travelers, you may find that the time will fly by faster than you would expect.


When it comes to delays and cancellations such as this, you may find that you can get monetary compensation depending on how long you wait. You can get amounts that can reach up to EUR 600 just because your flight is delayed for more than 2-4 hours. You can go to to see if you are entitled to this compensation and be able to get your money fast.